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Swap-Now Features

White Label

Swap-Now is an on blockchain ERC20 swap protocol and white label web-enabled swap platform.

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Swapping with Swap-Now is at the speed of the blockchain. If you and your swap partner are ready to swap it happens right now (just wait for the mining to take place and the swap is complete… real time.

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Multiple Selected Tokens

The Swap-Now protocol allows for any ERC20 token to be swapped.Our web-enabled white label swap platform gives you control over which tokens you want to swap.

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The Swap-Now protocol together with web-enabled swap platform brings together community members new and old and thus helps foster and grow your community in your ERC20 ecosystem.


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A key issue for any ERC20 token holder is security. Many exchange and swapping solution are escrow or custodial based. This means that the asset being swapped is first passed to the platform, this is a risk and whats more, a risk that can be avoided with Swap-Now a noncustodial trustless ERC20 exchange protocol.

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Swap-Now – How it works

Enter Swap

Any member can register a swap

A swapper lists a swap offer for members to see specifying what tokens are on offer and what is required in return. Wildcard and options swaps are also available.

Accept a Swap

Any member can register a swap

Community members view the swap marketplace and select a swap to accept. Acceptance can be for the requested amount of the requested token or, if the swapper has indicated offers are accepted a reduced or alternative offer could be made.


Acceptance record on-chain

On accepting an offer the details are recorded on the blockchain for all to see. Swap-Now embraces transparency.


Agreement posted to the blockchain

The original swapper notices the accepted offer and can close the deal. As the deal is closed the 2nd record is sent to the blockchain this time from the original swapper.


Swap-Now move to Atomic Swap

Once both giver and receiver (or maker and taker to use the proper term) have concluded there on-block chain recording of the agreed swap the Swap-Now propriety Smart Control comes into play and completes an Atomic Swap of the tokens.

Swap detail

Atomic seap – safe

Swap-Now uses an Atomic swap model to ensure that if, for any reason, either transaction cannot complete then both transactions are rolled back and no tokens are transferred.

First Mover

Built white label, Built trustless, Built P2P

Swap-Now is arguably the first primary white label trustless P2P Swap protocol for ERC20 token ecosystems ready for the global market.


your one-stop global swapping protocol

Created to be your one-stop global swapping protocol using the Swap-Now propriety Smart Contract and protocol behind the scenes to offer your ecosystem efficient and timely ERC20 Swapping functionality.

Trading and transacting ERC20 tokens will become commonplace as ERC20 tokens swapping will become more and more common. Swap-Now is positioned to assist you in delivering fast scalable solutions leaving you to run your ecosystem, not your technology.

In the coming months, Swap-Now will launch its accompanying community forum to allow swappers to cross-pollinate ideas on how best to leverage Swap-Now for the benefit of the whole community.

Swap-Now was created to help improve and increase participation and accelerate innovation in ERC20 exchanging and swapping and ultimately facilitating mass adoption ERC20 transactions.

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